Some of our projects


Machine Learning Data Lake Platform

FirstBritish™ is a realtime Machine Learning Data Lake platform using MemSQL® capable of ingesting billions of transactions and make use of the powerfull algorithms (modified for best performance and best results) to produce infrences and decision-support in real time. Uses could range from credit card fraud detection to traffic management. Generating amazing cost reductions in excess of 80%!


Cloud and Hosting Platform

AngloHost™ is a multifaceted affordable cloud and webhosting platform. You can register a domain, host a website, have email accounts, as well as have a dedicated server or VPS in a state-of-the-art data centers in multiple locations. ISO certfied data centers with high security with backup and disaster recovery and 24/7 support.


High Performance Genomics Platform

Yottaset™ is a High Performance Genomics Platform using Galaxy together with Yottaset modified processes and algorithms to deliver high speed data processing and high availability for all the Genomics and Bioinformatics processing needs. Yottaset™ adds a layer of security and a new layer of high performance in-memory compute engines using a mix of different hardware platforms to help research scientists process their computational biology data in a short period of time when compared to standard platforms.


Business Collaboration Platform

Integrating GitLab/GitHub, eCRM and email services with filtering and security scanning (distributed Streaming) to enhance and speed up the collaboration and communication among various DevOps teams and business users using commodity hardware. Thus, improving productivity by at least 80%.


Social Networking Analytics Platform

This is a SaaS application relying on deep web search engine using Hadoop platform, Kafka, Spark, Cassandra and Solr, which collects, and stores data pertaining to specific client criteria and produces analytical information to help companies make better decisions on how to target their Marketing Mix, understand their clients’ needs, and better position their products/services, and produce more effective SEO keywords.  Which may contribute to an increase in revenues between 40-65%.


Tutoring and Training

LesChampions is a genuine tutoring and training platform. From tutoring foreign Languages, passing by tutoring English using TEFL resources and methodolgies, to training students and adults using different thechniques and covering different subjects. We have you covered with excellent Educational Consultants having adequate certification and expertise in the field. Thus increasing productivity and reducing cost by at least 60%!


ISO Digital Delivery Documentation Platform

ISO 27001 documentation and training environment using restful delivery mechanism. Thus, reducing the implementation time of ISO 27k from several months to a few weeks, and the maintenance and update of documents and use of resources from having to segregate a full team to a couple of resources just looking after the system. Effectively reducing both implementation and maintenance costs by at least 70%.


Virtual meeting and Video Conferencing Platform

Let’s Meet is is a virtual board room meeting and video conferencing platform. Without the hassle of CPU and Bandwidth high consumption, you can collaborate with hundreds of colleagues and meet virtually everywhere by just using your browser! Let’s Meet uses military grade end-to-end encryption to encrypt your session.

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