A New Era of Security

London Consulting Ltd has the adequate expertise for virtually any security requirement and has partnered with top tier security labs to provide state-of-the-art solutions for today’s security issues.

Security Audits

Our consultants can help you with different security audits, assessment, and documentation. Whether you are planing to achieve an ISO certification (27K, 23K, 223xx, GDPR*) or just wanted your organisation to become compliant.

Vulnerability Prevention

We conduct special vulnerability assessment to cure and prevent any potential vulnerabilities.

Security Analysis

Our consultants will assess your requirements and analyse your digital assets and genrate a comprehensive report with recommendations and action plan.

Security Solutions & Services

Our security solutions and services will equip your organisation with the right tools, procedures, policies and documentation to protect and defend your digital assets.

Tried and tested Framework

Our Cyber Security Framework has been protecting many busnisses of different sizes and market segments. Irrespective of your revenues, protecting your digital assets should be a priority. We are here to help.


What We Offer

A robust framework to address all your security needs. Among others, we use artificial intelligence to detect and intercept security issues.


Security Analysis

A unique multi-tiered security analysis approach guarantees that your digital assets are well protected and proactively monitored.

Security Services

A full-fledged lignup of security services including but not limited to: Vulenrability Analysis, App Analysis, Network Analysis, Dev Analysis, Pen Tests, Monitoring and Data Security Intelligence.

Security Solutions

From Antiviruses, scanners, to End-Point Security we have all the state-of-the-art apps spectrum to secure, control, and mitigate any security risks in realtime, even before they occur.


Our Approach to Security

Security by design is our focus. The building blocks of sound security is to have security concepts and principles embedded in the culture of the organisation. We create a culture of security awareness in your organsiation. The rest is using the best practices and techniques to protect your digital assets.

279 Days

Average time to identify and contain a data breach

314 Days

Lifecycle of a malicious attack from breach to containment

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Average cost of a data breach is around £3 million. Take action today book an appointment to make sure your organisation is compliant and protected

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